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Alpaca Hat- Stitch

  • $35.00

Literally top off your look with a stylish accessory that subtly combines basic neutrals with a fun color palette. The Stitch alpaca beanie hat features a chunky layer of charcoal gray or merlot purple, contrasted with patterns lighter gray, white, and merlot purple, creating the perfect combination of neutral and color. Easily pair the beanie with your solid neutrals.  Made of 100% alpaca fiber, expect to be in good hands, literally. Soft, warm, lightweight, and durable, these stylish accessories will certainly become wardrobe staples during the cold months.That, and its 100% alpaca fiber composition that ensures you not only have a chic accessory, but a functional one that generously gifts you with exquisite softness and warmth.  One Size. 


Merlot (purple/ gray)

Charcoal (light/dark gray)





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