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Beanie/Watch Cap

Beanie/Watch Cap

  • $50.00

This headgear perfectly showcases the superior warmth/weight advantage of llama fiber. The warmth this hat provides is truly impressive. Weighing 1.5 ounces it will fit in the corner of a pocket or daypack to seemingly disappear until cold conditions remind you to look for it. It provides stand-alone protection or will comfortably fit as a liner under a ball cap, hard hat, or helmet in the back country or on the jobsite. The knit fabric is 100% royal llama fiber and the hat has a comfortable fit that will not chafe. The superior wicking of the llama fiber keeps the wearer warm without perspiration. The beanie provides variable fit options offering full coverage of ears and forehead or can be folded to give a shorter, tighter watch cap fit.
  • Embroidered Altiplano llama icon.
  • Non-pilling knit fabric keeps the surface looking new.
  • Naturally antimicrobial and can be used repeatedly without laundering.
  • Unisex
Care and Maintenance
Our llama fabrics are easy to maintain and clean. Launder as needed following our recommendations to keep your garment looking fresh and new.
  • Wash the garment alone using the gentle cycle of your washer and cold water.
  • Use shampoo for soap (without conditioner).
  • After washing, lay the garment flat to dry (Do not use heated dryer).

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