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Altera Alpaca Conquer Sock

  • $25.99

The Altera Alpaca Conquer sock is a very unique sock and much different than the Prevail and Explore. Alpaca fiber is naturally flame resistant and the yarn construction of the Conquer sock makes it a Class 1 flame resistant sock for maximum confidence in extreme conditions. If you require a flame resistant sock, this is your choice. Dedicated to those in military, search and rescue and forest service, the Conquer sock can handle anything. Available in 9" crew or 12" over the calf. 

Proudly made in the USA.

Colors: Black, Olive, Tan 

ALTERA Alpaca Shoe Size Chart

Shoe Size              Women's             Men's

Small                        4-6                     3-5

Medium                   6-10.5                 5-9

Large                      10.5-13.5            9-12


X-Large                  13.5-15               12-14

       13.5-15                12-14

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